The Eastern that Perfects Western Music

On Thursday 5th of July 2018 at 1 pm, Mohammed Sonata, Husam Abdelsalam, and Kristina Alice performed live western music at Awatif Imam Hall in Ahfad University for Women (AUW) to culturally educate students and staff about western music.

“To culturally educate students and staff about western music and more specifically the Opera. We do not have Opera in Sudan, so here people could know a bit about the Opera,” was the main purpose for the event said Abdelsalam, who is the main organizer of the event. Additionally, this show was an opportunity to free students and staff of AUW from the pressures of studies and work. “Every time we get the chance to have a musician coming from outside of Sudan we try to bring them to perform in Ahfad University for Women,” added Abdelsalam.

This event was a new experience for Alice, a student from India who studied music and specialized in voice performance for the past three years in India. Alice studied high school in Sudan where she met Abdelsalam and was his student for four years learning the violin. Sonata and Abdelsalam are Sudanese musicians who graduated together from the School of Music and Drama from Sudan University. Sonata specialized in playing the Piano while Abdelsalam specialized in music production and playing the violin, and is currently a music professor at AUW. According to Abdelsalam, this was the first time that the trio go the chance to perform together a show as big as this one.

The event was full of old western classical music and operas that date back to the 17th century and as recent as the 1950s, from Indian, French, and Italian to American music. The hall was half full, with an estimated number of 120 audience members. Professors, staff members, students of AUW and Alice’s parents were present in the audience. The audience was fascinated with Alice’s outstanding performance and her golden chords.

This event was one of the many events that AUW organize to keep its aim which is diversity and international connections. An artist from India is one of the many artists who come from outside Sudan to AUW and present their art that always reach above the expectations the staff and students put in mind. Additionally, this event shows how AUW keeps on spreading its wings all around the world with organizing such cultural and diverse events that rarely happen in Sudan as a whole.

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