The Impact of Social Media on Women’s Participation and Youth Empowerment Discussion

On the 31st of July in collaboration with Salih Hamd Centre for Training and Human Development, Ahfad University for Women hosted a talk on The Impact of Social Media on Women’s Participation and Youth Empowerment at Awatif Imam Hall to share information and debate the issue with different audience.

            Two main points were discussed in the debate: Social Media effects and the sustainable development and how they are linked. Additionally, four main speakers took part in this event: Jamal Noureldin who spoke about the use of social media in universities in Saudi Arabia and how it is too developed that they are forbidden to use paper in classroom and how it connects professors and students. Mustafa Alneem who works as a producer in Sudania 24 talked about how social media changed the one-way flow of communication to and from different entities. Abdul Salam Seid Ahmed, who is a lawyer in England, talked about the positive outcomes of social media and how it can connect people, and indicated that in England they measure the illiteracy level by how many times one visits social media and checks their email. Finally, Allam Ahmed who facilitated the talk, indicated that knowledge-based economy that leads to development and he talked about the four stages that leads to this development: Enovation, Competitiveness, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and Education.

This debate “is a part of a series of debates that discuss different issues, and we bring people from different backgrounds, (i.e. lawyers, business men, religious thinkers, television producers, etc) to discuss different topics,” said Allam Ahmed the manager of Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI) in London, the director of the World Organization for Sustainable Development and a professor of Business and Management at the University of Sussex in England.

The hall was almost filled with an estimated number of 150 students and staff members. Moreover, professor Gassim Badri attended the talk and talked about how easy it is to find information by using social media and the internet and how it was very hard to gather information back in the days when he was a student. He further encouraged students to use the internet more effectively. The talk ended with two beautiful quotes for Allam Ahmed, “If we do not get out to the world the world will not come to us”, he added by encouraging students to “act local and think global”.

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