When there is a Will There is a Way

I'm Sarah Mohyeldin, from Ahfad University (School of Management Studies) and also the founder of Women leadership SD Organization ,

I've always believed that everyone was born to lead ! 

Being an Ahfad student was the gate into a lot of learning experience and knowledge, The journey wasn't easy yet very rich

A great journey is never meant to be easy, it requires dedication to the place where you've been placed at, as an Ahfad Student, the world was more open to me because I was taught to become a Leader not just a student, taught to become the warrior to life struggles and most of it taught to become a successful student of substance.

My passion is empowering women around Sudan and using workshops and spoken words to do so, I also love to work on myself, achievements aren't related to a certain age so from an early age I volunteered in several projects in the University and around the community, I won the Golden prize for Leadership from Manchester University 2016, I was nominated as one of the powerful women of Khartoum by the UNDP under the event 'Super women Khartoum', I was also one of the 10 youth leaders for the HOLLA project by the British council and European Union to work on projects for Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

I was recently chosen as a fellow to the United States for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African leaders and represent Sudan with other 9 Sudanese youth. My Advice to everyone reading this is always work on your self and remember that you were born to lead, to have a story and to become the inspiration for others.


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