Prof. Sidiga Washi Advocates Domestic Interests on an International Level

Prof. Sidiga Washi, The president of the International Federation for Home Economics - (IFHE), and Director of Quality Assurance Unit at Ahfad University, attended a conference of the IFHE region Europe at the university in Osnabrück where three scientific contributions by faculty members were presented on the topic "What is happening in Home Economics".

Afterwards, Prof. Washi made a step-over in Fulda, the University of Applied Sciences, where she met with the vice president, Prof. Dr. Steven Lambeck. There, she was given an overview of the rapid student and structural development of the university in recent years, and she went on a tour through the Department of Oecotrophology and the information about the study offers was taken over by Prof. a. D. Dr. Barbara Freytag-Leyer.




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